Episode 49 - It’s A Zima Night!

May 26, 2017

Ross and Jessie finally get their wish as a listener sends in Zima from Japan!  Is it still delicious?  You bet it is.  Tonight we discuss the upcoming Bill Cosby rape trial and our predictions, as well as Puff Daddy's fight to always remain relevant.

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Episode 47 - Stop Sending Thoughts And Prayers

May 24, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss why "sending thoughts and prayers" during yet another tragedy like the one in Manchester isn't good enough anymore, it's time to enact a travel ban.

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Episode 45 - Romper, Hardly Knew Her!

May 19, 2017

Ross and jessie discuss the male "Romp-him" version of the female romper that's sweeping the nation as well as how much money it would take to roll into business meetings looking like whatever the hell you wanted to.

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Episode 44 - Skip Legs Day Or Pubic Hair?

May 17, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss a proper pube shaving schedule, why Russia is becoming Rocky IV, and people stealing movies and tv shows for ransom.

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Episode 36 - Carrots Out For Simon

May 2, 2017

Ross and Jessie are joined by special guest Jack Mandaville from Range 15 to discuss the world's largest bunny dying on a United flight, owning exotic animals, and a man caught masturbating on a plane.

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Episode 35 - Little Man From Dubai

April 28, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss the pageantry of the NFL Draft, being obese on the Food Network, and the weird life of Anthony Bourdain.

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Episode 33 - Was Aaron Hernandez Gay???

April 25, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss the final notes left by Aaron Hernandez including one to his possible prison lover? This story keeps getting more and more crazy.

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Episode 32 - I Got High With Cypress Hill!

April 21, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss getting high with Cypress Hill, why you shouldn't smoke weed with Willie Nelson, and how Serena Williams could win a doubles match with her unborn baby.

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Episode 30 - Nude Beaches Are Sloppy

April 18, 2017

Ross and Jessie discuss why nude beaches aren't what you're hoping for, Jose Baez the lawyer who just got Aaron Hernandez off double murder, friends with boats, and what jobs they prefer men and women to do in real life.

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Episode 29 - Ummm, Friends Is Back???

April 14, 2017

Ross and Jessie dive deep down into why the tv show "Friends" is having an underground revival as being cool again? Ross shares his hatred for Kevin James.

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